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We’re back for our fourth edition of Eroica Britannia. A new year means a whole new exciting adventure as we put down roots in the green and pleasant farmlands surrounding Friden Grange on the weekend of the 16-18th June 2017.

Make no mistake, Eroica Britannia is a challenge. Choose the distance that suits you and your ability. While the weekend Festival is all about good times The Ride is not a fancy dress procession . From the moment of signing up, it’s months of planning, training and preening to be part of a weekend to remember. Being a hero requires you to marvel in the pain of the up, relish the joy of the flat and delight in the thrill of the down. Cheered home by crowds of thousands. All in it together collectively riding over 250,000 miles on Sunday all in the spirit of a time gone by.

We stand for spirit, authenticity, adventure, heritage and passion. Eroica Britannia awakens these emotions and strikes up the feelings of freedom, challenge and camaraderie. We are ‘The World’s Most Handsome Bike Ride’ and this is The Great British Adventure. Heroes we salute you.

The third year of Eroica Britannia was one of the most talked about events in the cycling and festival calendars for 2016. Over 40,000 wonderful folk travelled from all four corners of the World to join us. What fun we had! A 3-day family adventure of all things handsome. Music, glorious vintage, shopping, food, drink, camping and cycling. We’ve got a truly Great British Adventure lined up for 2017.


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