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German endurance athlete Jonas Deichmann will soon attempt to become the first person in history to cycle the entire length of Europe and Asia in just 70 days.

If successful, Munich-native Jonas (30) will set 2 new Guinness World Records – for the fastest cycle across Europe (Cabo da Roca to Ufa) and the fastest cycle across Eurasia (Cabo da Roca to Vladivostok). He’ll begin his world record attempt in the Atlantic coastal town of Cabo da Roca on July 2nd.

He’ll then set off on an epic 16 000-kilometer journey across the world’s biggest landmass area – the first person ever to do so – eventually reaching Vladivostok on Russia’s eastern coast around 70 days later. After beginning his journey in Portugal, he’ll then cycle through Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and eventually Russia. Jonas, who has cycled around the world once before, said: “Since I cycled around the world I have the dream of setting a World Record that combines ultra-endurance and adventure. This ride will push me to my physical and mental limits.” To break the world record, Jonas will need to cycle more than 250 km each day and consume around 8 000 calories.

To make this possible, his team have already started sending supply packages to various locations along the route. However, Jonas, who will cycle unsupported, is still expected to carry up to 10 kg of equipment, spare parts and supplies. “One of the big challenges of this ride are the long distances between towns in Siberia,” said Jonas, “this means that I have to carry food and spare parts for several days”.

Our editor was lucky enough to chat to Jonas before his epic challenge.


A. I always had the dream of setting a World Record that combines ultra-endurance and adventure and that has never been done before. Cycling across Eurasia seemed like the perfect challenge.

Q. Have you done any specific training for the challenge?

A. I started training for the challenge last October and have ridden over 12.000 km this year. The last few weeks I went up to around 1.000 km per week including a few big rides over 250km.

Q. What bike will you be riding?

A. I will be riding a Rose Pro CGF 3000 which is a carbon road bike that is specifically made for long distances.

Q. Will you be supported?

A. No, I will go completely unsupported, carrying all my food equipment with me. However, I have a team back home that will take care of the media and meet me at one time along the route.

Q. Can you explain the charity you are riding for (TDA Global Cycling Foundation)?

A. TDA Foundation provides bicycles for NGO and health care workers in Africa and India. Access to rural areas is often a big issue for them and a bicycle is an environmental friendly way that gives them a larger operating radius.

Q. What challenges do you think you will come across?

A. Although I know that this will be tough for my body I think that my biggest challenge will be the mental one. I’ll have to be on the bike for 10-12 hours every day and motivating myself during bad times will be crucial. Siberia will also be challenging due to the isolation and long distances between cities. I have to carry more food and equipment there and will be completely on my own if something goes wrong.

Q. What equipment will you be carrying?

A. I carry a tent, sleeping bag and cooking stuff for the night. A GoPro and GPS tracker for documenting the journey and then food and spare parts. In total my equipment weight is around 8-10 kg across Europe and a few kilos more in Siberia as I have longer distances to ride and the infrastructure is poor.

Q. Is 250km daily achievable?

A. I am sure that it is possible. I cycled 250 km many times but I don´t know how my body will react after doing this for two months. Still, I believe that the challenge will mostly be the mental one.

Cadence wish Jonas good luck and will be updating on his progress!

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