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Cycligent esports is the brainchild of Frank Garcia, who is the CEO and Founder of Cycligent.

Frank’s love of cycling, Zwift and esports leads the Cycligent team to focus on individuals and teams in the online Zwift community. The CVR World Cup aims to produce a virtual bike racing event that wows the audience, both online and live, and build-up hype for future events.

With the fun and passion growing online exponentially, these individuals also created to produce virtual race leaderboards and allows them to officiate live esports events worldwide. Cycligent esports events are executed with high performing on-screen talent and ability. Rising stars in the burgeoning cycling esports space make appearances at races all over the world competing for a place in the coveted World Cup Final that is scheduled for April 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cycligent uses Zwift software to run live esport races. Competitors are positioned side-by-side, meaning they can see each other’s performance and sweat, bridging the gap between the virtual world and the physical effort. Using top esports production directors, events are streamed live in HD using behind the scenes technology developed by Cycligent specifically for high-quality internet viewing. Viewers can spectate from their office, living room or even on their tablet or mobile phone.

CVR is a new functional service and a way of ranking remote, online racers. CVR stands for Cycligent Virtual Rankings. Cycligent esports officiates the race with height and weight verification to ensure the CVR Racing Regulations are adhered to and the in-game performance is exact. All measurement and transmission equipment is calibrated and certified by CVR officials. All equipment is uniform and competitors’ vitals are recorded and entered into the game both pre and during the race, to ensure a fair and accurate competition.

There is much debate in the Zwift racing community about how to best rank and categorise racers. Currently most races group participants by FTP watts/kilogram and this has several limitations. The CVR system has the potential to eliminate these issues with this unique system. The ranking algorithm helps to illustrate the importance of race craft allowing riders to feel a sense of accomplishment, not just by making a podium, but by improving relative to other people with similar performance levels. It creates a system that inspires continuous improvement for amateur esport cyclists.

Riders have been selected through a combination of ability and reputation. Now riders will be selected through online pre-events, as their performance is identified and tracked over time by the CVR rankings identifying those racers with high ability. Social media presence is also considered in the build-up to events as well as showmanship and character. On this basis, Cycligent are able to craft a competitive live event as well as an entertaining and enthralling online production.

If you already use Zwift it’s really simple! Sign-up. Line-up. Race-In! In the run-up to each live event a Race-In takes place where places are won to race in person in the CVR World Cup live men’s and women’s heats. Prospective competitors will register with Cycligent at and line-up on the start line of the Race-In.