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HEXAGON makes any bike a safer and smarter by seamlessly connecting with your smartphone. View the traffic behind you, live stream your ride, & signal to cars all through smartphone integration.

HEXAGON is equipped with a rear-facing HD camera, Automatic Stop, Turn, and Motion signals. To navigate the turn signals, HEXAGON comes with a wireless remote that securely attaches to your handle bars. HEXAGON’s social and recording features can be managed through the HEXAGON app.

HEXAGON comes with two 18650 batteries and can easily be recharged with the complimentary Micro-USB cable.

One of HEXAGON’s most revolutionary features is its HD rear facing camera. With a rear facing camera,  cyclists have the ability to view traffic via the smartphone app, making your ride safer and more connected.

You can live broadcast your ride to your social networks or record video in full HD-resolution! To extend your battery life, HEXAGON’s camera can be turned off to maximize your battery’s charge by 3-6 times. No need to worry – even with the camera off you’re traffic signals will still work.

HEXAGON has Automatic Stop, Turn, and Motion signals enhancing the safety of your city or country ride. Distinguish yourself while biking day or night with HEXAGON’s bright and reliable traffic signals.

Automatic Stop Signal: HEXAGON and HEXAGON Light’s Automatic Stop Signal will automatically turn on whenever you brake leaving every driver aware of your stopped-status.

Motion Signal: HEXAGON and HEXAGON Light’s motion signal continuously flashes when your bike is moving, increasing your visibility in traffic. This is an essential feature for night rides in the country side or city.

Turn Signals: HEXAGON has a left and right turn signal so you can easily distinguish your next move. Simply press the left or right button on the wireless remote control and your turn signals will ignite.

Smart Control Brightness: HEXAGON and HEXAGON Light can control the brightness of your traffic signals based on photocell data. It can sense if there’s oncoming traffic and adjust HEXAGON’s brightness accordingly.