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Riders come from all over Italy and from the rest of Europe: they are passionate about the Rando Imperator, the randonnée that will once again connect Munich, Bolzano and Ferrara on a two-day trip from Germany to Italy. On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, May 2018 this cycling experience without borders gets to the fourth edition and confirms the route along the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, a Roman Empire road that nowadays is a beautiful cycling path. Feel a real randonneur and discover a unique itinerary, from Bavaria to Emilia-Romagna, from the Alps almost to the sea.

The Rando Imperator is in the Italian Audax calendar and it’s the only randonnée in the European scenario that crosses four States: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It’s composed by three brevets, involving year after year a growing number of participants (over 180 in 2017): one is a 600km brevet from Munich to Ferrara, and two are a 300km brevets, from Munich to Bolzano and from Bolzano to Ferrara. The journal Soigneur has included the Rando Imperator among the 22 memorable experiences that a cyclist can live: «A gem of a ride, this rando from Munich to Ferrara. In a couple of stages, riders leave the Bavarian forests, climb the Alps, and descend toward the Italian plains, where good food and smashing weather — hopefully — reward fatigued coureurs».

Organised by Witoor Sport settled in Ferrara, Italy, the Rando Imperator starts in the early morning in Munich on Saturday 5th of May. It crosses the Bavaria and the Tyrol, it enters in Italy from the Pass of Resia, it descends down to Bolzano and then along the Adige River and Garda Lake, it passes through Mantua and it arrives in Ferrara on Sunday 6th of May. Along the route there are checkpoints to stamp the “Yellow Card”: Garmisch, Resia Pass, Bolzano, Mantua and Ferrara. Refreshments will also be offered at checkpoints and on arrival in Piazza Castello. The Rando Imperator is an unsupported ride, as expected from the randonnée spirit: there will be no final classification, what matters is to reach the finish line. Despite this, Rando Imperator assigns some amazing prizes to be drawn randomly among the participants. Each rider will be provided with the roadbook and the GPX track. Participants can take advantage of private transfers connecting Ferrara, Bolzano and Munich, as well as special rates for overnight stays in the three cities.

The Rando Imperator is organized by Witoor Sport in collaboration with the Azienda di Soggiorno of Bolzano, with the support of Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) Landesverband Bayern and the Municipality of Ferrara. For further details and inscriptions:

The event will be told “live” on Witoor’s social channels: #randoimperator