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For nearly a decade Renovo has been known for our innovative use of hardwoods in crafting performance bicycle frames. Our genesis was in creating a lightweight hollow frame – not to capitalise of the beauty of hardwoods but to create bicycles with singular ride quality. Only hardwoods have the ability to provide structural stiffness rivaling carbon fibre while smoothing vibration through the structure of the material itself. Take the time to learn why learn why we can craft bicycles with astounding ride quality from hardwoods. In 2016 we began testing wood for a new and exciting project, now available as the product of an unusual partnership between ourselves and Glenmorangie scotch whisky.

A collaboration inspired by a shared passion for innovation with wood, the Glenmorangie Original by Renovo is handcrafted using staves from Glenmorangie whisky casks.

Possessing the same legendary ride as all our bikes, the Glenmorangie Original is a rolling testament to the versatility of wood. That versatility is evidenced by the ability of the Glenmorangie Original to exceed expectations on any sort of ride. A fast and responsive road machine when shod with the stock 700x28mm tires, it can transform into an incredibly smooth and stable adventure machine simply by swapping in larger tires- up to 40mm wide to tame the roughest of unpaved roads.

Outfit your bicycle with your choice of component packages secure in the knowledge that no matter your choice the ride will astonish you as much as the embodied legacy of craftsmanship.

When imagining a use of whisky barrel staves “Beyond The Cask,” Glenmorangie knew Renovo would be able to create a use which transcends novelty. Our decade of engineering and customer feedback has proven to us that not only is wood stong and durable enough to make a good bicycle frame, it has the material properties to make a great bicycle frame. Stiff under power, but with smoothness unmatched by any other material.

Engineering is not a term we use lightly. We have studied and tested our material ways not required of most bicycle frame builders. In the video below you can see structural testing of our mountain bike frame being loaded with more than 2600 pounds of force on the bottom bracket, as well as a Glenmorangie Original Bicycle frame undergoing some of the dynamic testing required to meet CEN Standards. Passing the pedaling force fatigue test requires frames to go beyond 100,000 cycles- simulating a powerful rider amassing more than 20,000 miles. Of course the Glenmorangie Original frame passed that test along with a suite of others.


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