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CADENCE sets high standards for its editorial content covering all genres of cycling from competitive to the simple joys of pedalling for exploration. We understand the market and what our readers want, with quality photographs and brilliantly written features by some of the UK’s best known cycling and adventure writers. With well recognised writers and national organisations on board we are able to provide exciting and thought-provoking articles on a continuous basis and our site provides our readers with access to everything they need to keep up-to-date with the world of cycling. CADENCE continue to actively seeking contributions from an expanding cross-section of the populace.

If you want to contribute we suggest you should make yourself familiar with the style, tone and content of CADENCE and be aware of recent articles to ensure your chosen subject has not be covered in the past year or so. Always ask yourself what makes your article different from all the others that may have been sent to us on the same topic, and why you are qualified to advise others.

Some general tips:-

  1. Your article should have a beginning, a middle and an end – do not just tail off. Make the opening paragraph one of your strongest, in order to pull the reader in. You do not have to tell a story in chronological order – you can open with a tense situation and then flashback to how it began.
  2. Ensure that your piece has a strong central theme that moves the reader forward and provides a point to it all.
  3. Do not try to cover too much in one article – there may be several different articles hiding inside one large piece. You should be able to sum up the contents of your article in a single sentence.
  4. Show the good and bad side. Disasters and tricky situations often make for a more entertaining read than harmonious, straightforward trips.
  5. Present an honest account, If you hated a place, then say so (and why).
  6. Feature articles should have personality – though often not yours; dialogue and comment from local people add colour to a story.

If you are still interested in contributing or have any questions then please get in touch via email to scot.whitlock@yahoo.co.uk

We do read all submissions but as we are a small team, please bear with us and we do our best to reply to you within several weeks.